Rooms in your Mind (2019)

My perception is not a sum of known visual, tactile and auditory data. I perceive in a total way with my whole being: I capture a unique structure of things, a unique way of being that speaks to all the senses at once.


It’s about time.
Live performance in Literaturhause and was transmitted through Radio Corax on 13.2.2018

El piso mortal

Un encuentro que desencadena los sonidos más oscuros, cuando la luces de neón se encienden. An encounter that triggers the darker sounds, when the neon lights are lit.

Cartas a mi misma

Nunca he podido escribir un diario. Me resulta más simple escribir con sonidos.
I have never been able to write a diary. It’s easier for me to write with sounds.

Ritual Radio

A group of scientists finds in the South Pole a skeleton of beetle of extraordinary dimensions and that discovery transports them in time and space.

In the Darkness of the World

Un evento inexplicable que marcó el año 1866, este evento todavía se encuentra la mente de todos.
An inexplicable event marked the year 1866, this event is still strong in everyone’s mind.